We're developing a squash ball machine.

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Meet the prototypes.

Alpha 2

Alpha 2, our second looks-like, works-like prototype, has a software driven UI and closed-loop motor control implemented on test boards. The ball tube is customized, and we've added a number of safety features to the launcher. 

Alpha 2 is smaller, lighter and runs quieter than Alpha 1, and two handles have been added to the shell.

Alpha 1

With Alpha 1 we proved the concept. Our first looks-like, works-like prototype was created with off-the-shelf motor controllers, simple manual controls and a golf ball shag tube.

We tested Alpha 1 with players of all levels, from beginners to pros.

Your ultimate training partner.

Over 3 years in development,  this unique ball machine is the ultimate training partner for players of all levels. Beginner or expert, be it a shot, a movement pattern, or a shot combination, take the next step on your squash journey. 


Alpha 2 weighs less than 7kgs and packs down to a backpack.


Feature for feature, Stingray will be the most affordable ball launcher out there.


From your bag to ready-to-play in under 2 minutes.

Our Team.


A squash player at 8, a professional at 19, once ranked No. 1 in South Africa and No. 55 in the world, now a highly qualified and respected coach, passing on his love of the game to players of all levels.


Longtime squash enthusiast of markedly different ability to Jesse. Determined to make portable squash machines a reality.

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They Say.

Lawrence H

High energy boast-and-drive

"It hits the ball hard."

Dave R

Mastering return of serve

" If there was one here now, I'd book a court with it. "

Alex E

Footwork and split-step

" Fantastic complement to normal play or coaching."

Harry H

Forehand stuns

" I think it's brilliant! Definitely benefit my game."

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