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Stand by for The Best Squash Ball Machine Ever

Stand by for The Best Squash Ball Machine Ever

Meet Stingray

The ball machine that's going to be a game changer

A powerful ball machine that’s portable, quick to set-up and simple to use. 

 Stingray is going to change the way you train and coach forever.


Lightweight and tough
Fits in a squash bag
Less than 8 kg fully loaded


Finger-mounted remote
Launch angles of up to 60 deg
Mount on a tripod
Ball tube also a ball collector

Easy to use

Bag to court in minutes
Adjust ball speed and height
Single fire or auto-feed
Removable Li-ion battery for easy charging


Launch a ball every two seconds at up to 95 mph


Patented ball-metering technology won't stop before you do


Add ball tubes
Add batteries and chargers
Add a tripod

 When we asked players and coaches what they wanted in a ball machine, we got a very clear answer: Convenience

In Action

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