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May 23, 2020  

Finally, some good news to help beat the COVID-19 blues: Thanks to the good folk at Spark PI, our Alpha 2 prototype is here! (Thanks to Whitestone Media for the video!)

We're excited to be one step closer to making Stringray a reality.

What's new

Upgraded electronics, closed-loop motor control, and redesigned flywheel, ball tube. Plus we've got a new-look and we've added a couple of safety features. 

As a user, you'll enjoy:

  • The remote control.
  • The slick new user interface.
  • Much improved control at low ball speeds.
  • The robust new ball tube.
  • A launcher that's even smaller and lighter than before!
Image of Alpha 2 squash ball machine

Alpha 2, our second looks-like, works-like prototype squash ball machine. 

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