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Buying Stingray

No. The Stingray is currently in the development stage. You can sign up for updates on our website to be notified when it becomes available. 

As soon as we are confident we can deliver a reliable, robust machine that meets our and your expectations we will offer Stingray on pre-order.   

Pricing details are yet to be finalised. Please sign up for updates to be the first to know when we release this information.

No, sorry. We’ve tested most of  the prototypes  to destruction. Older prototypes can also be useful as a first platform when we want to test new features.  

Yes. Be aware, however, that the customs officials in your country may levy taxes, duties or charges on your purchase when your Stingray enters your country. 

About Stingray

Stowed for transport, Stingray measures approximately 40cm x 20cm x 34cm and fits comfortably into a two racket backpack.  The ball tubes are slightly longer than a racket. 

Fully loaded – bag, launcher, two batteries, two ball tubes, 40-odd balls and stand –  Stingray weighs just under 8 kg / 18 lbs.   

We can get from in-the-bag to ready-to-go in under 2 minutes. 

Stingray is powered by an 18V Li-ion battery of the kind used by DIY power tools. 

A 4Ah battery lasts up to an hour. Batteries are charged separate  to the machine and can be hot swapped.  

Stingray uses standard size blue dot balls. Standard size balls have a diameter of 40mm. 

Provided they are standard size, with a diameter of 40mm, balls from any manufacturer can be used. Just as in match play, balls perform differently depending on make and we recommend experimenting with different brands of ball to determine which you prefer.  

Stingray launches balls at up to 95 mph.

Each tube holds up to 22 balls. The ball tube is removable and also operates as a ball collector. More than one tube can be used to hot swap during a session to extend a drill.  

No. Stingray uses standard size blue dot balls that don’t need to be heated.

We don’t think so. Using a very early and basic prototype we tested the ability of  players to identify the type of ball in play. In our tests none of the players, ranging in ability from World Top 10 to beginner, could reliably tell the difference between a warm double yellow and a blue.        

In our experience, blue dots are the simplest option. Other grades of standard size ball may work for you depending on the ambient temperature, the elevation of your training area and the speed with which you are cycling the balls through your Stingray.         

Yes. Stingray has two feed modes: Single Fire and Auto-feed. In Single Fire mode balls are launched one ball per command. In Auto-feed mode balls are launched with the specified delay between balls until the ball tube is empty or the Pause button is pushed.

Yes, the Stingray comes with a small finger-mounted remote control, allowing you to fire balls from any part of the court.

Yes, Stingray’s build-in stand can also be used as a head to mount the launcher on a stand. 

Who should use Stingray?

Stingray is for anyone who wants a convenient and reliable way to add an edge to their solo training or their coaching drills. Stingray is quick to set-up, reliable and simple to use. Players of all levels, from beginner to pro, have enjoyed working with Stingray.  

Sure. Even though Stingray has been designed to meet the needs of individual players and enthusiasts, a single machine can definitely be shared by the members of a club or team. We think Stingray’s modular design can be leveraged by clubs and groups to overcome the usual hassles associated with shared machines. 

Definitely! Stingray is quick to set up and easy to use. The machine’s varied settings allow for a wide range of drills that can help you work on specific shots, improve your reaction time, and simulate real match conditions. Use Stingray to focus on the specific shot or skill that’s holding you back. 

For sure. Stingray is a great way to mix-up solo training and hit hundreds of balls. Get the mental and cardio benefits of a squash workout at a time, place and pace that work for you. 

Anyone doing solo training can benefit from Stingray.  Augmented ghosting, pressure sessions, shot options, selection and disguise are all possible with Stingray. A Stingray mounted on a tripod will also allow you to face simulated shots played high-to-low. Take a look at our In Action page for ideas on how Stingray could complement your solo training.  

The accuracy and consistency of your Stingray will be affected by the similarity of the balls you use. Flight and carry can be subtly altered by mixing balls from different manufacturers and newer and older balls. Stingray also has a Random function that can be used to change ball speed between launches. 

Absolutely. Stingray is an excellent tool for coaches. It allows for a full focus on the student as well as dynamic drills and less physical strain during long sessions. Enhanced remote and video-based coaching is also possible with Stingray. Take a look at our In Action page for ideas.