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Coach drill: Attacking forehand volley options

Another coach-led drill, but an easy solo drill too. With the Alpha 2 prototype set-up to deliver a loose shot into the forehand service box area above Tom’s shoulder, Jesse triggers each launch with the finger-mounted remote control.

Tom mixes two shots with a ghost to the backhand.

Jesse and Tom work on punishing a loose cross court to the forehand

Tom starts with a ghost to the backhand mid court and before or after he gets back to the T, Jesse launches the first of the pair of shots for Tom to face. Tom’s objective is to really punish the ball, hitting it straight and low and ideally getting it to run away from his imaginary opponent.

Key technical focus points for Tom are early racket preparation, an open stance (to increase available shot options) and executing the shot straight and tight without clipping the side wall too early.

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