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Forehand volley pressure drill

Pressure drill: Forehand volley options and deception

A coach-led drill here with Jesse and Oliver working on the forehand volley drill. The Alpha 2 prototype is set on single fire and Jesse is triggering each shot with the remote.

A tough pressure session here for Oliver.

Oliver hits two forehand volleys in a row with an emphasis on disguise and options.

After each pair of shots he completes a ghost, first to the backhand front, second to the backhand¬† middle, third to the backhand deep.¬† When he’s back on the T, or approaching the T, Jesse trigger the first of the pair of shots.

The second shot is more static.

The focus is on quick movement out of the ghost, quick and early racket position, minimal back swing and having a range of shot options on the forehand volley, even as Jesse increases the pressure via the timing of the first launch.

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