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Coach drill: Overhead backhand volley technique

A coach-led drill here with Jesse and Tom working on the overhead backhand volley. The Alpha 2 prototype is on Single Fire and Jesse triggers each launch with the finger-mounted remote.

The machine is set close to the front wall with angle of attack greater than 45 deg.

This is a tough drill for Tom.

He starts on the T and the ball launched from Alpha 2 mimics a high lob from the front forehand played over his head.

After his first shot Tom returns to the T and Jesse launches another lob.

After his second shot Tom plays through the T for a ghost to the front forehand. With Tom out of position off the T, Jesse launches the first shot of the next pair.

The focus for Tom is on control and developing his shot options – either a high cross court lob, or softly placing the ball into the front corner.

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