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The Stingray Story

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The Story so Far: What the hell’s taking so long?

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away squash players and coaches were plagued by the absence of a squash ball-machine convenient enough, reliable enough and powerful enough to be their daily go-to training tool.  On courts throughout the Kingdom the cry was: ...

February 2018

Alpha 0

We test a bare-bones works-like prototype to figure out what’s possible. 

May 2018

Alpha 0

Alpha 0 fails the Pilley Watermelon Test.  We push on. 

October 2018

Alpha 1

With Alpha 1 we proved the concept. Our first looks-like, works-like prototype was created with off-the-shelf motor controllers, simple manual controls and a golf ball shag tube.

We tested Alpha 1 with players of all levels, from beginners to pros.

July 2019

Alpha 1 passes the bottle top test!

Alpha 1 takes 3 shots to pass the bottle top test. 

July 2020

Alpha 2

Alpha 2, our second looks-like, works-like prototype, is a big step forward. 

It has a software driven UI and closed-loop motor control implemented on test boards. The ball tube is customized, and we’ve added a number of safety features to the launcher.

Importantly, ball metering is much, much improved. 

Nice to have: Alpha 2 is smaller, lighter and runs quieter than Alpha 1, and two handles have been added to the shell.

And we now have a remote control. 

July 2020 - Dec 2021

Will Salter, squash hero!

A shout out to Will Salter, who keeps the show on the road over the  lock downs.  In March 2020, with no access to courts, testing and improving grinds to a halt.  Will builds a 3/4 court on his family’s farm. Problem solved!

March 2023

Alpha 3

With Alpha 3, our third looks-like, works-like prototype, we introduce a built-in stand and add a second pair of handles to the front of the case.

Internally, it’s our own boards running the show, the critical ball-metering technology works better, and battery run-times have been extended.

The stand doubles as a head that can be used to mount Stingray on a tripod. 

December 2023
Render of Stingray Beta 1 prototype. View from behind.

Beta 1

With Beta 1 we have a prototype that can be manufactured at volume. 

A number of internal refinements have made Stingray more reliable and easier to construct. 

We also add a torque hinge to the stand. No more fiddling with levers!