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Coach, former tour pro, entrepreneur. 

A squash player at 8, a professional at 19, once ranked No. 1 in South Africa and No. 55 in the world, Jesse competed on the Pro World Tour for over 10 years. 

With a Master’s degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology, Jesse is now a respected high-performance coach, passing on his love of the game to players of all levels.

As the founder of the SportMind App, Blog and Podcast, author of Squash Playbook and curator of his own YouTube channel, Jesse continues to find innovative and practical tools for individuals to unlock their full potential, on and off court.  


Longtime squash hack, entrepreneur. 

Trained in finance and comp sci, with a background in investing, Raoul is old enough to remember the slide rule and to have owned an HP 12c Platinum.  

Raoul is determined to make portable squash machines a reality while he still has the strength to hold a racket.